Saturday, March 5, 2011

By Way of Introduction


It seems like any conversation, which I hope this space will be, should start with at least a salutation.  Next, perhaps, an explanation. Who am I, and what do I aim to talk about?

I am a dreamer, a seeker, and a follower of light.  Yet my work, my life, often leads me into dark places.  I work in a county emergency room, while I go to school to study medicine, and I get a regular dose of the tragedy that can be the human condition.  My soon-to-be-husband is a policeman, now a detective, and his work too is often sad and depressing.  If we wanted to, we could easily wallow in all of that. Our dinner conversations can be quite morbid.

But we don't.  We are believers, despite all evidence to the contrary, that life, and people, are essentially good.  Although our work requires that we are true and accurate reporters of what we see, and while we certainly are, we personally have made it our directive to see it all, not to miss the good that is often overshadowed, and overlooked.

It's there. That's what I want to to say the most. Yes, people do terrible things: they drive cars under the influence, and they crash. They hurt the people the love.  But intermixed in all that tragedy, there are shining moments.  I have seen complete strangers offer each other selfless love.  I have seen ordinary people rise to the occasion with such grace that it is breathtaking. 

I'd like a place to talk about that. I'd like to report on those moments. For all the darkness, there are pockets of grace to be found, and I'll bring them here. Will you join me?

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