Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making it.

Some days, there's not much sun to be seen.  The rain beats the windows, the wind howls, and staying in bed feels like a survival tactic.

On days like these, especially when the storm is just as much internal as it is external, it's important to try to do what you can to lighten the mood.

One method I employ is to make something.  Even if it's just coffee and toast, it's a way to lift the gloom.

There was some whole wheat dried cherry toast with honey peanut butter on the plate, but I ate it before I got the idea for this post.  Perhaps I should make more.

I still have some of the coffee though. Caramel. Decaf, since I work tonight, and some more sleep is on the agenda for today.

When I go back to sleep, I hope I dream of strawberries.  I'm allergic to them, and despite two antihistamines, my mouth still got sore and swollen after I ate two of them last night.  We got a beautiful batch of huge strawberries at Costco, and we dipped them in dark chocolate for our mother's 70th birthday party last night. The reaction was worth it.
This is the very beautiful "before" picture. The afters never got a photo opportunity. They just got eaten.

We are all just getting along, making it as best as we can. I hope that when you get the opportunity, you make a little something nice for yourself.

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