Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Clouds Gather

The problem with choosing optimism is that very often, you are presented with a great deal of evidence that says you are wrong to do so.  The sun hides behind the clouds.  The dam breaks and there are floods.  The car doesn’t start.

Then what?

Part of what this space is supposed to be about is the then what. I can’t pretend that I know, but I can assert that I am trying my best to figure it out.  If there’s no sunshine, I must light my own way.

Today is a very cloudy day.  In the midst of wedding planning, with all its really frustrating joyful details, we hit a hitch. No, actually, we got taken out by a rubber band. A fancy one, an elastic, if you will. In our cat Wally’s small intestine, right after he had cheerfully and criminally dug it out of my bedside drawer and eaten it. Eaten them, actually. Somewhere between two or three of them.  Wally is not doing his part to help our local economy; in fact, he has put two people at least out of work on our wedding, at least. The vet bill is quite sizable, as surgery was indicated, and so we have had to make some hard decisions about what we will be able to keep in our wedding, and what we won’t.

In a couple of hours, I will get to pick Wally up from the vet. As sad as I am about the wedding things that have had to go, I am pretty sure that his motorboat purr will be enough for a smile. That’s good enough sunshine for today.

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